The Opening Ceremony of “Seminar on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for English-Speaking African Countries” was Held in NUIST 

 On the morning of April 17th,  the opening ceremony of “Seminar on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for English-Speaking African Countries”, which was sponsored by Department of Commerce and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center, was held in our university. Prof. Zheng Youfei, Executive Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center, Ms. Chao Qingchen, Deputy Director General of  National Climate Center(Beijing), and Ms.Zhao Yuhong from Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province attended the opening ceremony and made an address. The ceremony was presided by Professor Wang Suchun, Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center.

On behalf of Prof. Li Lianshui, Director of WMO RTC Nanjing, Prof. Zheng Youfei extended warm welcome and sincere greetings to trainees from different countries and briefly introduced the history and course settings of our university. He pointed out that over the coming decades, climate change will have mostly negative impacts on cities and infrastructure, migration and security, ecosystems and species, crops and food security, public health, water supplies, and more ocean acidification and extreme droughts, floods and heat waves, while timely and accurate climate information service could improve the efficiency of disaster prevention and mitigation to master timely and accurate climate information service. Therefore, climate information service plays a crucial role in the development of economy.  
Ms. Chao Qingchen, on behalf of  National Climate Center(Beijing), welcomed participants and thanked RTC Nanjing for the continuous support. She said that climate services will result in huge positive impact savings, which in return can improve people’s life. WMO RTC Nanjing, as foreign aid agent of China, made great contributions to the improvement of meteorology officers and the learning new technology for developing countries in Asia and Africa.
Ms. Zhao Yuhong said Chinese government provided all kinds of aid to other developing countries. She hoped all participants could know more about China through the training, and would be the Goodwill Ambassador to promote and accelerate bilateral trade and investment between China and other countries.
Mr. Kesete from Eritrea, the representative of participants, made an address. He said that climate change was a global problem, so every country should join together to decrease the negative effects. This training course is the great effort for the climate change made by Chinese government. Therefore, all participants thanked Chinese Government and Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology.
This training course is the 77th international training course held by Nanjing Regional Training Course. It is reported that there are 16 participants from 14 different countries. The training course will last to May 13th. Besides, participants will visit Yunnan Meteorology Administration for investigation.

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