Opening Ceremony of “Training Workshop on Synergized Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) for Coastal Multi-hazards Early Warning System” was Hels at NUIST 

In the morning of June 9th, the Opening Ceremony of Training Workshop on Synergized Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP) for Coastal Multi-hazards Early Warning System was held in our university. Typhoon Committee is an intergovernmental organization established under the joint cooperation of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in order to promote and coordinate the planning and implementation of measures required for minimizing the loss of life and material damage caused by typhoons in Asia and the Pacific. Typhoon Committee Secretary Mr. Olavo Rasquinho, ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones expert Mr. Imran Akram, WMO representative Samuel Muchemi, and President of NUIST  Professor Jiang Jianqing attended this opening ceremony and made addresses. Over 40 participants and 9 lecturers from 13 different countries and regions , Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China, India, Philippines, Maldives, Macao, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Lao PDR and Myanmar and Deputy Director of WMO RTC Nanjing Professor Wang Suchun and Professor Lei Zhaochong also attended the opening ceremony. Professor Zheng Youfei, Executive Deputy Director of WMO RTC Nanjing, presided over the ceremony.
President of NUIST Jiang Jianqing and Typhoon Committee Secretary Olavo Rasquinho held a discussion before the opening ceremony. Olavo spoke highly of our university for our great contribution to meteorological talents’ education. President Jiang Jianqing introduced our university and extended warm welcome to Mr. Olavo. President Jiang Jianqing and Mr. Olavo hoped we could strengthen the cooperation in the future to develop more and better training program.
During the opening ceremony, Typhoon Committee Secretary Mr. Olavo Rasquinho firstly congratulated the first training course opened under the agreement signed between WMO Typhoon Committee and WMO RTC Nanjing. He pointed out that Synergized Standard Operating Procedures for Coastal Multi-hazards Early Warning System is the first program Typhoon Committee achieved financial aid from ESCAP. He introduced the composition, target and the main content of this program.
ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones expert Imran Akram said tropical cyclone and tsunami had taken lives, caused property loss and infrastructure damage, disrupted social and economic activities. He said early warning capacity should be improved in Department of Hydrology of each country through monitoring and tracking latest technology to decreasing the effect of disasters. The completion of these tasks needs to coordinate all related natural disaster early warning service, and share the resources and communication networks of different departments.
WMO representative Mr. Samuel Muchemi, represented WMO Secretary Mr. Jarraud, expressed sincere thanks to Chinese Government for holding this training course. He said reducing the risk of natural disasters is still the important work of WMO. It was very necessary to develop the program ‘Synergized Standard Operating Procedures for Multi-hazards Early Warning System’ in view of the members of TC facing various natural disasters, such as typhoon, tropical cyclone, storm surge, landslides, flood and tsunami.
These three speakers all said this training course was a very good opportunity to exchange ideas and share experience between experts of early warning system. They said it needs to develop appropriate strategic and coordinated action to achieve project goals and objectives, to make the optimization of long-term development strategy, and to further improve the early warning system and strengthen the cooperation between member states, in order to effectively reduce disaster risk. They appreciated WMO Regional Training Centre, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and Chinese government.
On behalf of our university and WMO RTC Nanjing, President Jiang Jianqing briefly introduced the achievements university made in the aspects of teaching, scientific research and talent cultivation ,and the main function and achievement of WMO RTC Nanjing. He stressed that this training course provided the best opportunity for academic and professional communication to promote every countries to deepen the cooperation and friendship.

President of NUIST Jiang Jianqing and WMO Typhoon Committee Mr. Olavo had disscussion

Opening Ceremony

Group photo