Seminar on Meteorological Disaster Management and Weather Information Service for Latin-America was Held at NUIST  

Seminar on Meteorological Disaster Management and Weather Information Service for Latin-America, the Caribbean and the South Pacific which was sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and undertook by World Meteorological Organization Regional Training Centre Nanjing was held in Nanjing. On the afternoon of September 30th , the Closing Ceremony was held at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology.  Ms. Zhao Yuhong from Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center Lei Zhaochong, and participants from Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, panama, Dominic, Jamaica, Tonga and Vanuatu attended  the Ceremony.

Ms. Zhao Yuhong, represented Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, said she hoped all participants could extend and expand the effect and function of foreign aid training program to promote the trade and investment, and hoped all participants could keep the best memories and sustain the friendship and cooperation . 
Ms. Taniko from Bahamas, the representative of participants, appreciated that WMO RTC Nanjing, NUIST and Chinese Government for the holding of this training course. She said all participants learned many courses, including the Natural Disaster Emergency Management System of China, the Meteorological Disaster Mitigation and Prediction Service System of China, the Public Meteorological Service, and Meteorological Information Emergency Service. Besides, participants went to Shanxi Province to visit Shangxi Provincial Meteorology Bureau, Xinzhou and Jinzhong Meteorology Bureau to learn the experience of Disaster Mitigation and Prediction Service.
At last, Mr. Evan Thompson from Jamaica passionately read his poem, which fully expressed their gratitude to the hard-working of WMO RTC Nanjing staff for this training course.