By Evan Thompson, JAMAICA
The writing’s on the wall that the course is almost done
In just another day or two we’ll all be gone, each one
We’ll have to take the memories of folks we’re glad we met
The times we had, the laughs we shared, we never will forget
From the moment that we landed, we all can truly boast
Of being so specially treated by every Chinese host
From the entry at the airport to the cozy hotel dorm
It’s clear their hospitality and care are just the norm
Jordanne, Ping, the Office Staff, every one of them
And above all, our brother John, was really such a gem
Professors Wang and Lei and the teachers too many to call
Came from near and far to make sure we learned it all
We won’t forget the visits to the stations in Taiyuan
The tours led by Linda and the hotels one by one
The shopping trips to malls and streets will all be done tomorrow
We’ll take the treasures back with us – right, Ilka and Damara?
But yes, the greatest treasures that we got were our new friends
And now our chain of contacts from our own lands extends
Across the South Pacific and through every boundary
To Central and South America and the Caribbean Sea
We’ll take with us the pictures to our many varied places
To remind us all the time of each other’s wonderful faces.
We’ll remember all the drinks and food, the sights and smells and feelings.
What a time we all have had, Class. THREE CHEERS TO NANJING!
Commemorating the end of the
Seminar on Meteorological Disaster Management and Weather Information Service
 for the Caribbean, Latin America and the South Pacific
held at the Regional Meteorological Training Centre Nanjing,
Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology on September 10-30, 2014