International Training Course on Numerical Weather Prediction is Successfully Completed 
On the morning of May 29th, the Closing Ceremony of International Training Course on Numerical Weather Prediction, which was sponsored by CMA and undertook by WMO RTC Nanjing, completed in our university. Deputy Director of WMO RTC Lei Zhaochong and CMA officer, Zhou Qingliang attended the ceremony and gave speeches.
Deputy Director Lei Zhaochong appreciated CMA and WMO for supporting this training course. He is also grateful for the participants for their cooperation and support during the training. He stressed that the teachers are rich in professional knowledge and teaching experience of this training course, so that the participants must have gained a lot. The participants shared their work experience with each other in the academic reports, which is useful for future work and international cooperation.
Ms LUCY SAMVURA from Zimbabwe gave a speech as a representative of the participants. She expressed her gratitude to WMO, RTC and said:” Thanks for all professors and experts for teaching and sharing their work experience and we benefit a lot.”
It is reported that this training course is the 86th international training course held by WMO RTC Nanjing.