Opening Ceremony of The COCOM Meeting of SCHOTI,The MSc Program in Meteorology,The International Training Course of Agrometeorology,The Applied Meteorology Course for Forecasters from Macau SAR, China was Held in NUIST 


In the morning of September 14, the Coordinating Committee of Standing Conference of the Heads of Training Institutions of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (COCOM /SCHOTI), Master Program of meteorology of the Ministry of Commerce for members of WTO (2015-2017), international training courses on agricultural meteorology, and training courses on weather forecast for Macao Special Administrative Region held a grand ceremony in Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology(NUIST). Jiang Jianqing, president of NUIST, Zhu Liugui, assistant dean of international Business Officials Training Institute in Ministry of Commerce, Lin Yue, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange of Education Department in Jiangsu Province, Mr. Patrick Parrish, the representative of the World Meteorological Organization, and Mr. Mark Higgins, Chairman of COCOM attended the opening ceremony. The meeting was chaired by Wang Suchun, Executive Deputy Director of the WMO Regional Training Center.
The president of NUIST, Jiang Jianqing, representative of our school staff and students, extends a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and over 60 participants from 30 countries and regions, He thanked all the distinguished guests who represent their organization for their strong support to the NUIST and Nanjing Regional Training Center of WMO. He believes that the COCOM meeting will be able to bring new ideas and new approaches for the World Meteorological Organization and its Member States in meteorological and hydrological education and training programme, I believe that the experts in the NUIST will reap fruitful harvest, hoping to continue cooperation with experts next time.
Mr. Patrick Parrish highly praised the outstanding contributions of the China Meteorological Administration, NUIST and Nanjing Regional Training Centre of WMO to the field of education in international training and emphasized the effort of NUIST and Nanjing Regional Training Centre of WMO which have trained a number of meteorological and hydrological personnel of senior ability, and the number of international students and foreign students is far more than other WMO regional Training Centre’s.
Chairman Mark Higgins introduced the relevant circumstances of COCOM meeting in his speech. COCOM holds regular meetings at least once a year to discuss the important issues of global meteorological and hydrological training, summarizes the outcomes of international and domestic training of meteorology, discusses long-term global training programs of hydrology and meteorology, and provides advice on issues related to the World Meteorological Organization. The main topic of the meeting which held in the NUIST, is to solve urgent problems in the international field of training, which exist in the developed and developing countries.  
Zhu Liugui, who is assistant dean, thanked the well-designed teaching courses of Masters projects of meteorology in developing countries, which also equipped with excellent teachers, and appreciated Nanjing Regional Training Centre of WMO for training more than 2,500 senior meteorological and hydrological personnel in the 147 countries and regions around the world. He believed that research and discussion conducted by COCOM experts will have a significant impact on the international education and training of meteorological hydrology in the future. To better cope with the challenges of climate change, globalization, network development trend, we hope every trainees becomes a bridge of friendship, a friendly messenger, a Chinese culture communicator.  
Lin Yue, director, describes the economic, educational and cultural situation in Jiangsu province. He believes in a collision of imparting knowledge, technology exchanges and ideas, education and training in the field of meteorology and hydrology will develop better and can better help member countries of WMO to embrace the challenges of global climate change which has caused great trouble to human production and daily life.
The COCOM meeting was held in the developing country for the first time, which illustrated that the WMO Regional Training Centre in Nanjing is highly appreciated and recognized by COCOM. It is reported that COCOM is a coordinating committee elected by SCHOTI. SCHOTI, established in 1990, is a non-governmental international organization, whose members are mainly leaders of the training institutions in Meteorological and Hydrological Bureau of the developed countries, whose main objective is to provide a forum and mechanism and to promote cooperation between the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) members states in the field of education and training programme.
Professor Wang Suchu , Executive Deputy Director of WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center, was elected as a member of COCOM committee in July 2013. Elected representative, as a member of  our school staff, wins the international discourse for China and all the developing world, and positively encourages the majority of developing countries to get more resources in the field of education and gain more respect in international training. Our school which conducts international education and training programme also takes the opportunity to actively work with the World Meteorological Organization and the COCOM to conduct extensive exchanges in a more targeted and a more effective model of education and training, thus promotes the vigorous development of international education and training of NUIST.



President Jiang Delivered a speech


WMO Representative, Mr. Patrick Parrish made a speech


COCOM Chairman Mr. Mark Higgins made a speech

Group photo of COCOM Representative