Seminar on Meteorological and Earthquake Forecast Mitigation and Relief for Developing Countries Successfully Completed 


In the afternoon of November 3rd, close ceremony of Seminar on Meteorological and Earthquake Forecast, Mitigation and Relief for Developing Countries, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, organised by the WMO RTC Nanjing was held in NUIST. Vice-chancellor of NUIST Li Gang attended the close ceremony and delivered a speech.
Vice-chancellor Li Gang congratulated the participants for successfully completing their studies, conveyed gratitude for the long-term support of Ministry of Commerce and Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce. He briefly summarized the lectures and practice during training. He pointed out that this seminar provided a memorable platform for knowledge and culture exchange, I hope that participants can benefit greatly from these lectures and practice and scenic spots in Nanjing leave them a sweet memory.
Ms. MS. Cornejo Redroban Cornelia Gabriela, representative from Ecuador, on behalf of all the participants of this seminar, expressed gratitude for the hospitality of NUIST and WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre. She said: " Training people is not an easy task. However, the professors had shared with us all their knowledge and skills with great commitment. Even when it is not possible to reduce or control natural hazards, it is possible to reduce the loss in life, infrastructure, and goods through education and community preparedness.” She cited from "The Analects" that the wise has no perplexity, man of virtue are free from anxiety, the brave admits no fear "to praise the training provided by Chinese Ministry of Commerce for developing countries.
The participants visited Shanghai Meteorological Service Weather Forecast Centers, Public Service Centers, Multi-hazard Early Warning Platform, as well as Jiangsu Seismological Bureau, Nanjing Meteorological Bureau and other business sectors, participants had respond, indicating that these practices were of considerable significance on guiding their work.