University leader Guide the job of WMO RTC Nanjing 


        In the morning of March 9 morning, Vice President of NUIST Jinzhong MIN, investigated and gave a guidance to WMO Regional Training Centre, and attend a report meeting on the aspects of operational mechanism, training courses and active service for foreign-aid national training performance. Directors of International Cooperation and Exchange, WMO Regional Training Center are also present in the meeting.
  Vice President of NUIST Jinzhong MIN, , fully praised the contribution of WMO Regional Training Centre to the international cooperation and national strategy service in the NUIST. he proposed the four development concepts, that is "strive for development on the basis of contribution, strive for support on the basis of standard, strive for position on the basis of scale, strive for influence on the basis of strength", and emphasized the eight specific requests to build more international research cooperation platforms through international training, so as to make greater contributions to further internationalization for the NUIST.
  Professor Suchun Wang, Executive Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center , said the spirit of the instructions will be implemented as soon as possible, centering on diplomatic strategy in our country.  Training courses of 65 countries and regions along the ‘one belt and one road’ will be covered during the period of 13th Five Year. At the meantime, benefits of international training are sought to be maximized to make more students and teachers share training course resources in NUIST, so as to boost the process of internationalization of NUIST.