International Training Course on Climate Change and Climate Information Services for the Developing Countries was Held in NUIST 

In the morning of April 6, opening ceremony of International Training Course on Climate Change and Climate Information Services for the Developing Countries, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, hosted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)Regional Training Centre in Nanjing, was held in NUIST. Vice President of NUIST, Min Jinzhong, Deputy Division Chief of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation of Department of Commerce in Jiangsu Province, Zhao Yuhong, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. 28 trainees from 9 developing countries were present. Executative Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center, Wang Suchun presided over the opening ceremony.

Vice president, Min Jinzhong, expressed the warm welcome to the participants from different countries, and briefly introduced the profiles of NUIST and the WMO regional training centers. He considered that 30 percent of GDP is closely related with the conditions of weather, climate and water in developed countries, and the percentage is even higher in the developing countries. More accurate and timely weather service information in the fields of meteorology and hydrology are required in dealing with global climate change. For decades, a large number of professional meteorological personnel have been trained by making full use of discipline edges in NUIST. More than 1,000 students from 109 countries have been studying in NUIST for the degree of Bachelor, Master and Doctor. He hoped that this workshop set a stage for participants to exchange information on climate change and climate service knowledge. 
On behalf of Department of Commerce of Jiangsu province, Zhao Yuhong extended warm welcome to all participants. She considered that foreign-aid training is one of various Chinese government assistance projects to other developing countries. (WMO) Regional Training Centre Nanjing, goes a long way towards improving the training skills and knowledge of meteorological practitioners in Asia, Africa and other developing countries. Since its establishment in 1993, WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre has trained more than 2,800 students. Chinese government hopes the training helps trainees as goodwill ambassadors learn and spread Chinese culture, so as to promote the economic and trade relations between various countries.
On behalf of Mr. BOAKYE, on behalf of participants from Ghana delivered in his speech that climate change has become a well-known global issue, countries must join together to deal with it if we are to reduce its negative effects. The improvement of climate services will be conducive in reducing economic losses and improving the quality of people's lives. The training was an attempt made by the Chinese government.  He thanked the efforts of Chinese government, NUIST and WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre.

The course is the 96th international training course held by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre, with participants from 9 developing countries,  Ghana, Mongolia, Sudan, Bangladesh, Malawi. The course will end on April 26. The trainees will also visit Shanghai Meteorological Service.