Seminar on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for Developing Countries Successfully Completed 


On the afternoon of April 26th. The closing ceremony of Seminar on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for Developing Countries was hosted in our school, Prof. WANG Suchun, Executive Deputy Director of WMO RTC Nanjing presided over the ceremony, and Professor Min Jinzhong, vice-president of NUIST, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The seminar is sponsored by Ministry of Commerce People’s Republic of China, undertaken by WMO RTC Nanjing. Participants from 9 countries including Malawi, Kenya, Panama, Uganda, Ghana, Sudan, Egypt, Mongolia and Bangladesh attended the ceremony.
Vice-president Min Jinzhong expressed gratitude for the cooperation and support from participants, and also extended appreciation to all the professors and experts involved for sharing the knowledge and insights. He hoped that after three week’s thematic introduction and elaboration, participants could handle the knowledge they have learned during their work, and make contribution to their increased professional competency, and ultimately to the higher accuracy and efficiency of climate information service of their countries. Meanwhile, participants were encouraged to pursue the master's degree and doctorate degree in NUIST.
Participants have highly praised the efforts of Chinese government, and expressed their sincere gratitude to NUIST and WMO RTC Nanjing. They hopes to sustain connections and cooperation with Ministry of Commerce, CMA (China Meteorological Administration) and WMO RTC Nanjing.
During the seminar, participants have visited Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, Nanjing Meteorological Bureau and other places to strength understanding of China's meteorological services, cultural and social and economic development, etc... Miss GALSAN, on behalf of participants in Mongolia, said “We not only felt the honor to attend excellent lectures of the famous professors, but also enjoy the Chinese cuisine, the Chinese culture and the Chinese people's friendship......”