Training Course on Technological Transfer in Coping with Climate Change for Developing Countries was held in NUIST 


On the morning of October 11th, the opening ceremony of Training Course on Technological Transfer in Coping with Climate Change for Developing Countries was held in NUIST. The course was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and held by WMO RTC Nanjing. Professor Niu Shengjie, Vice President of NUIST, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Professor Wang Suchun, Executive Deputy Director of WMO RTC, presided over the opening ceremony.
During the opening ceremony, President Niu warmly welcomed all participants and gave a brief introduction to the general conditions of NUIST and WMO RTC while looking back the teaching history of RTC.
He also noted that according to prediction, nearly two-thirds of the world’s carbon emissions will come from developing countries. It is therefore vital that climate technologies are accessible in all parts of the world, particularly to developing countries. He hoped that each participant
Can share experience through this platform as the content of this seminar is scientific and practical, perfectly fitting the talent-training need of recipient countries.
Mr. WELDEYOHANNIS·AZMACH from Ethiopia, delivered a speech on behalf of all participants. He said that changing climate may cause major migrations of displaced people and therefore we need to mitigate the global warming, more precisely predict other natural disasters with proper solutions. They hope Chinese government will actively cope with climate changes via practical methods, offer certain help to other developing countries to help increase their capability of disaster response. And he sincerely thanked Ministry of Commerce, NUIST and WMO RTC for holding this course.
During the course period, participants will visit Nantong for investigating the use Solar and wind energy.