Academician Chen Lianshou gave lecture for International Tropical Cyclone Training Seminar in NUIST 

From November 21 to December 2, International Tropical Cyclone Training Seminar organized by China Meteorological Administration, co-organized by Shanghai Meteorological Service and hosted by WMO RTC was held in NUIST. Academician Chen Lianshou, member of China Engineering Academy, Mr. Shi yuguang, Director of Shandong Meteorological Service, Mr. Abdulrazzaq Mohsenali Muthanna, Director of Marine Meteorology Department, Yemen Meteorological Service and other participants from 13 countries and regions, together with international students majoring in Meteorology listened to his report.

In the three and a half hour report, Academician Chen noted that timely and accurate prediction and early warning of tropical cyclones is significant for decreasing the loss caused by tropical cyclones. He described the mechanism of tropical cyclone rainfall, using examples to vividly illustrate that Typhoon rainstorm is caused by the interaction of Environmental control, Topographic forcing and Typhoon internal structure dynamics, and to show that Typhoon rainstorm is affected by several factors including Stagnation and less action, Monsoon Bay, Westerly trough, Topographic effect and Cloud microphysical process, etc. He said that only based on a better understanding of Mechanism of Tropical Cyclone Heavy Rainfall can the accuracy of forecast be improved. His lecture was praised by all participants.
Academician Chen Lianshou is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as an expert in atmospheric science. For a long time, he has made great contribution to systematic and pioneering research on typhoons. He has long been engaged and responsible engage in and be responsible for the production and release of forecasting and early warning of national weather reports for a long time. Academician Chen hosted, designed and cooperated to complete the modernized business system of Forecast business room, and TV weather forecast dynamic display business system, which were already put into business applications. He served as the Chairman of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Working Group on Tropical Meteorology (WGTMR) for eight years, and was awarded the WMO World Weather Research Program (WWRP) Outstanding Contribution Award.