Mr. M. Jarraud, Secretary –General of WMO was confered as the honorary professor of NUIST. 

 In the morning of May 11th, the Opening Ceremony of the International Training Courses of Multi-Hazard Early Warning and Conferring Honorary Professor to Michel Jarraud were held in the University Library.Deputy Administrator of CMA,Shen Xiaonong,GEO Secretary Jose,former WMO Secretary-General Yan Hong, Director of Global South-South Cooperation Development Center, UN Development Department,Zhao Yongli, Director of WMO RTC Nanjing,President of the University,Li Lianshui,Vice President Niu Shengjie attended the Ceremony.Deputy-Director of WMO RTC Nanjing Wang Caifang host the Ceremony.

As the director of the WMO RTC Nanjing and President of the University, Lianshui Li pointed out in the address that Mr. Jarraud has actively supported the undertakings of the University for many years and made remarkable contributions to the development of WMO, Disaster Mitigation, and sustainment.
In the ceremony, the President gave a brief introduction to the development of the University and infrastructure. Taking examples of some extreme natural disasters all over the world, such as the drought of  Southwest China, the earthquake of Yushu, he pointed out the importance of the comprehensive use of risk assessment, early warning and prevention work.
Then, Vice-President Niu Shengjie read the decision of conferring Mr. Jarraud as the honorary professor of NUIST, and the President awarded him the certification.
Mr. Jarraud expressed his warm thanks to Dr.. Zheng Guoguang, the Permanent Representatives of  World Meteorological Organization and the Director of CMA as well as the University which hold this important training work . He mentioned that RTC Nanjing is one of the best WMO regional training centers. Because of the frequent natural disasters, he pointed out the importance of early warning system and highly values the importance that the University contributed for 189 members of WMO, especially developing countries. He hoped that the students would study hard and exchange experience with us.
Shen Xiaonong, Vice Director of CMA shows his hospitality to all the students on behalf of CMA and Director Zheng Guoguang. He said, meteorological disaster will bring enormous economic loss every year and may also lead to casualties. Disasters mitigation and the weather services are always the central tasks of CMA. He hoped that students will use the knowledge in the work..
It is reported that the University sponsored the first national meteorological training course in 1990. In 1993, approved by WMO, the WMO RTC Nanjing was established in the campus of the University. During the past 20 years,the Centre has trained more than 1000 meteorologist from over 120 countries of the Asian-Pacific region,the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and East Europe. We widely communicate and cooperate, winning high praise of WMO and countries where trainees are from. In addition, the International Training Course on Multi- hazard Early Warning is the follow-up action of the 10th WMO seminar held by the University in 2006.
This training course is sponsored by CMB and WMO, aiming at promoting the concept and practice of Multi hazard early warning. It helps National Meteorological and Hydrological Services use the Multi hazard early warning system.25 trainees of 19 countries from the first, second, third, fifth and sixth Regional Association of WMO attend the training course. This training course will end on May 28th. Academician Chen lianshou from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director Li benyin of Observatory and experts from WMO will give lectures to the trainees. This training course is not only a precious present to the University anniversary, but also shows the service function of the University and promots the meteorological communication and cooperation.