NUIST Conferred Honorary Professor to WMO Secretary-General Mr. Jarraud 


In the morning of May 11, Opening Ceremony of Conferring Honorary to Mr.M.Jarraud and International Training Course on Multi-Hazard Early Warning was held at the University. WMO Secretary-General Mr. Jarraud and his colleges,Vice Administrator of CMA Shen Xiaonong, Director of Secretary Office of GEO Jose ,former WMO Secretary-General Yan Hong, South-South Cooperation Development Center Zhao Yongli, Director of WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing,President of NUIST Li Lianshui,Vice President Niu Shengjie and trainees,China/WMO Africa scholarship students,Study Tour group and teacher representative attended the Ceremony.Deputy Executive Director of WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing Wang Caifang held the Ceremony.
Director of WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing, President of NUIST Li Lianshui said Mr Jarraud supported the University and made outstanding contributions to NUIST, advocated and promoted the development of Meteorology and Hydrology in the world, greatly contributed to the development of World Meteorological Organization and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation and sustainable development, promoted international corporation, education and ability establishment of Meteorology, Hydrology and other fields related to geographical physics and environmental science.
On the ceremony, President Li Lianshui introduced the conditions of subjects’ development, basic establishment, talents education and WMO Regional Training Center and so on. From the world’s extreme disasters such as the drought in Southwest China and earthquake in Yushu, he pointed the importance of synthetically utilization of risk evaluation and early warning and taking measure of prevention and control, stated the reality meaning of “International Training Course on Multi-hazard Early Warning”, and hoped the training course a great success.
Then, Vice President Niu Shengjie announced the decision of awarding Mr. Jarraud honorary Professor of NUIST, and President Li Lianshui issued the certification.
On behalf of WMO, General- Secretary Mr. Jarraud expressed gratitute to permanent representatives of China with WMO, Director of CMA ,Dr. Zheng Guoguang, and NUIST who holding training courses, and congratulated sincerely on the 50th anniversary of NUIST and 20th anniversary of international training of WMO RTC. He said that RTC Nanjing was an outstanding training center among all WMO regional training center. Mr. Jarraud pointed out that deploying early warning system is very important in nowadays,since world natural disaster happens frequently. He also highly appraised the meaning of this training course to 189 members of WMO, especially to developing countries. He hoped all participants could study and get trained and exchanged experiences .
Deputy Director General Shen Xiaonong welcomed all participants on behalf of CMA and Director of CMA Zheng Guoguang. He said meteorological disaster brought great economic lost and casualties every year, disaster prevention and mitigation services are always the centeral task of CMA, WMO and CMA carried out Shanghai Multi-hazard Early Warning project in 2007 and already got many useful experiences. Training was the way to spread these experiences. He hoped participants could use the knowledge they studied in the Centre into their fields to benefit human being. He also hoped China could share experiences from all participants in near future.
Chief of Global South Development Centre of UNDP Zhao Yongli and the representative of participants delivered speeches. Distinguished guests showed their congratulations to WMO RTC Nanjing and thanks for the training works . when interviewed by journalists ,Gergana from Bulgaria said: “Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology has a good academic atmosphere and I like it , and I hope to get more professional knowledge during the training.”
It is knowned that the University held the first international training course in 1990. In 1993, with the approval of WMO, the University set up WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center. In the last 20 years, the Center has trained more than 1000 meteorologists from more than 120 countries from Asian-pacific, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and East Europe regions, and won high praises from WMO and trainees countries. Besides, this international training course on Multi-hazard Early Warning is a fellow-up action of WMO 10th Workshop on Education and International Training, which was held in the University in 2006.
This International Training Course is sponsored by CMA and WMO, and its purpose is to promote idea and method of multi-hazard early warning and help Hydrological and  Meteorological services of related countries to find out multi-hazard early warning services for their countries. The training course has 25 participants from 19 countries and regions of WMOⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ,Ⅴ,Ⅵ regional associations. The training course will last to 28th May. During the period, academician Chen Lianshou from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Hong Kong Observatory Li Benying and experts from WMO will give lectures. This training course is not only a precious present for the 50th anniversary of NUIST, but also reflects the University serving the society . It enhances the communication and corporation of international meteorology.