WMO award NUIST 


The 62nd World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Executive Board (EC) will be held from June 8th to 18th at the WMO headquarter of Geneva, Switzerland.
In the Conference, the Secretary-General of WMO, Michel Jarraud issued the certificate to the University, awarding all the contribution Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology has made to the world meteorological training community for past 20 years.
In 1990, Nanjing Regional Training Center established in the campus of NUIST and has trained over 1000 meteorologist and administrators from 120 countries and regions and been widely praised by WMO officers and trainees’home countries.
         In 2006,the Centre has successfully held the 10th  WMO Education and Training Congress and 110 weather experts and senior officials from more than 80 countries and regions discuss the stratage of Diasater Prevention and Mitigation .
In recent years, based on advantages of teaching resource and research, Nanjing RTC held a series of pertinent and efficient International Training Courses including International Training Course on Application Meteorology, Training Course on Hong Kong Observatory Forecasters, International Training on Meteorological Information Services for Developing Countries, , International Training Courses on Weather Modification, and International Training Course on Multi-hazard Early Warning. It has closely matched the meteorological service demand of the developing countries and regions. It has also reflected the significant function of the regional training center. The university is worthy of reputation of “one of the best WMO regional training center”
 To this, Mr.Jarraud, the Secretary-General of WMO visited the University in 2005, he said, “NUIST has done enormous contribution to the world meteorological organization education and training projects. This contribution is not only good to the Asia-Pacific countries, but to  member states amone developing countries of WMO. "
In May, Mr. Jarraud came to Nanjing to attend the Ceremony of the 50th anniversary of NUIST and the 20th anniversary of international training and he was hired as the honorary professor of the university.   
      Mr. Jarraud said, “On a personal basis I am particularly honoured by the granding of an honourary professorship. I shall endeavour to be worthy of it.At 50 years old, NUIST has achieved a lot. I am that the next 50 years will be equally bright!Bon anniversaire.” Before his leaving, he wrote “Happy Birthday” to express his sincere wishes to the future development of NUIST.
     After the fifth visit to NUIST, Mr. Jarraud, the Secretary-general of WMO, speaks highly of the university, which is well-known as the “cradle of the Chinese meteorological personnel”. After 50 years of hard working, the University has trained  many meteorologist to all over the world and  has showed the vigorous momentum of development. Mr. Jarraud also said, “All the accomplishments that the University has made are unforgettable, and the future developing plan of the university will definitely result in the faster and better development of the University and enormous contribution to the meteorological community of China and the whole world.”