Vice President Guan Zhaoyong met and dined with the specialists of Typhoon Committee  

 In 13 February evening, Vice President of  Nanjing University of information Science and Technology meet and dined with the specialists of Drafting Meeting on UFRM Guidelines of Typhoon Committee in WMO Regional Centre Nanjing. President Guan speak highly of the guildelines’  positive effects on urban flood control works.

The Drafting Meeting on UFRM Guildelines of Typhoon Committee was hold in the meeting room of Nan Qi Hotel at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology on Feb 13th. UNESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee sponsored and WMO Regional Centre Nanjing organized the meeting. The meeting is aimed at discussing the《UFRM
Guildelines》.Dr. Liu Zhiyu ,Deputy Chief Engineer of China's Ministry of Water Conservancy and the director of the drafting project team hosted the meeting.15 Meteorological hydrological experts from Japan, Korea, Philippine, China and Hong Kong attended the meeting.It is the first meeting WMO RTC Nanjing hosted since UNESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee designated the Centre as Typhoon Committee Training Base.