Opening Ceremony of International Training Course on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for Developing Countries was held at NUIST 



Group photo

In the afternoon of August 29th, the opening ceremony of international training course on  climate change and climate information service for developing countries, which was sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and organized by WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing was held at NUIST. Vice President Guan Zhaoyong attended the Ceremony and delivered a speech. Director Song Lianchun of the National Wheather Centre、representative Zhao Hongyu and Zheng Lin of Jiangsu Department of Commerce、38 participants also participated in this Ceremony. Executive Deputy Director of RTC Nanjing  Zheng Youfei hosted this Ceremony.
Vice President Guan Zhaoyon extended a warm welcome and sincere greetings to those participants, and expressed thanks to the Department of Commerce. He briefly introduced the developing situations of the University and the training centre , pointed out the importance of the climate service information. He mentioned the typhoon"actinian" and "7.21" rainstorm to stress that extreme weather and climate events have great impact on social life and economic growth. He concluded that exact climate service information is very meaningful to prevent storm、flood、drought and many other disastrous weather events.
Director Song Lianchun of the National Climate Centre said that there are so many extreme weather events in Asia every year, causing a lot of damage. In the face of challenge, National Climate Centre make positive effort. This training course is held to meets developing countries' needs of climate service information.
Zhao Hongyu from Jiangsu Department of Commerce stated that holding the training course is one of the way of foreign aid. WMO Regional  Training Centre contributes a lot to training those meteorological employees from Africa and other developing countries.
Participants representative MS. Natapei Melinda Niwala stated that climate change is a major issue associated with everyone's daily life and holding this training course is very necessary. She said she would treasure this learning chance and try to know more about China.
38 Participants from 21 developing countries participated inthe training course. This training course will end at September 18th. All the Participants will have study tour to Sichuan Meteorological Bureau during the course。