Opening Ceremony of International Training Course on Weather Forecaster was Held at NUIST 



Director DUan Yihong made a speech


Director Xu Xianghua made a speech


Vice President Guan Zhaoyong made a speech


Group Photo

In the morning of September 17th, opening ceremony of  Weather Forecaster, which was sponsored by CMA National Meteorological Centre and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre, was held at NUIST. Vice President of the University Guan Zhaoyong, Duan Yihong,Director of National Meteorological Centre, Xu Xianghua ,Chief of International Cooperation Section of CMA, Zhou Qingliang, Chief of National Meteorological Centre International Cooperation Section, Lei Zhaochong ,Deputy Director of the Centre Professor and 19 participants from 13 different countries attended the Ceremony. The Ceremony was hosted by Professor Zheng Youfei, Executive Deputy Director of the Centre.

Professor Guan Zhaoyong, Vice President of the University, extended a warm welcome and sincere greetings to trainees from different countries, and introduced the basic information of our University and the history of the Centre. He pointed out that this training course was aimed at improving further understanding about the disastrous weather forecast, and providing newly professional knowledge and technology for all participants.
Director Duan Yihong pointed out that National Meteorological Centre had achieved great progress in weather forecast aspect. MICAPS system which invented by National Meteorological Centre, had been the greatest contribution to the developing countries’ ability construction project. The aim of this training course is to use this system better.
Chief Xu Xianghua said most countries has received and tried to use the CMACAST and MICAPS system. He hoped that participants could strengthen the communication through this training course, and he thought CMA should find various ways to provide further technological support.
Participant representative Mr. Sarapa made an address that CMA made great efforts to develop new weather forecast technology. CMACAST and MICAPS system included satellite meteorology data and numerical value forecast data which were very useful for weather forecasters. On behalf of all participants, he appreciated CMA, NUIST and WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre for the support of technology and training.
This training course lasts 10 days, and it will finish on September 26th.