SPEECH by participants representative 

Honorable Chief Guest, Director Zheng Youfei, Prof. Lei Zhaochong, D.D, WMO, RMTC, Nanjing. Honorable Special Guest, Mr. Zhou Qingliang, Representative NMC of CMA, Prof. Zheng Youfei. Distinguished Professors and Instructors, participants, scientists and delegates, ladies and gentlemen, assalamu alikrem and very good afternoon.

      It is my great honor and privilege to welcome you all in the closing ceremony of the training program on “International Training Course For Weather Forecasters”.
      I feel extremely honored by the presence of honorable chief guest of the closing ceremony. Director Zheng Youfei and Mr. Lei Zhaochong who in spite of their busy schedule has found time to grace this occasion and close the program which is a international activity. His gracious presence among us and his valuable speech will be sources of inspiration for the distinguished scientists and participants in the program and make this training a success.
      I take this opportunity to my profound gratitude to special guest for being with us of believe his kind presence and valuable advice will help to achieve success in this program.
      I express warm welcome to China Meteorological Administration who gave us financial support. So I express my profound gratitude to them.
      Ladies and gentlemen, Regional Training Centre, Nanjing, China, which is mandated to conduct research activities on the various aspects of meteorology and climatology, which are interest to the WMO member countries. Everybody know meteorological activity do not obey any political boundaries. We have common heritage of history, culture and socio-economic status. Moreover, natural calamities like typhoons and associated storm surges, tornadoes, floods, dust-storms, droughts and earthquakes etc. causes enormous loss of lives and properties which prevent sustainable socio-economic development of the world. These natural disasters are of common over the world, and need to be addressed on the basis of international co-operation for effective forecasts and disasters mitigation and management. It is the appropriate time to find out the technique and ways to solve these problems in order to minimize the loss of lives and damages of properties of the world.
      I believe that the valuable outputs of MICAP training will bring benefits to the south-east Asian countries. But some country faces some troubles to use the MICAP system. I requested to CMA to solve this type of problem.
      This training program was most organized with a view achieving a better level of accuracy in weather and climate forecasts.
      Here we were as a family and exchange culture, custom and knowledge sharing to each other.
      Ladies and gentlemen, authority and organizes of this program and WMO RTC are very good. They arranged our good accommodation and delicious food, enough class field visits and sight seeing for our acquiring knowledge. Instructors, lecturers and professors are very experienced and most cordial. We are satisfied of them to delivery their important presentation and hope it will be helpful in our future career. I expressed my profound gratitude of them from the participants WMO RTC staff, Mr. Wang Yong, Yan Jueying, Huang Hong, Wang Yong, and many people we don’t know their name who gave us different services very sincerely. So I express my heartiest thanks to them. We live here near about 12 days; please pardon us if any misinformation has been taken by us. When we went many places of China for sight seeing and shopping, every places we saw many Chinese people are highly co-operative. I extend a whole hearted thanks to all. At least we would like to say we love China, love people of china, CMA, as well as China government. So long live China.
Thanks to all.
     Bismillahhir Rahmaner Rahim