Closing Ceremony of “International Training Course on Meteorological Hazards Early Warning for Developing Countries” was Successfully completed 

     On the afternoon of Nov.1st, Closing Ceremony of “International Training Course on Meteorological Hazards Early Warning for Developing Countries”, which was sponsored by Department of Commerce and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre, was held in our university. Director of Department of Foreign Economic and Trade Ms. Zhao Hongyu and Zheng Lin from Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, Vice President Guan Zhaoyong, Executive Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Centre Zheng Youfei and Deputy Director Lei Zhaochong attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Executive Deputy Director Zheng Youfei.

    On behalf of the President of NUIST Li Lianshui, Vice President Guan Zhaoyong extended great congratulations to successfully completed of the training course, and appreciated Ministry of Commerce for their long-term supports and all the participants for the cooperation. He said 24 participants from 13 different countries joined this training course and showed their friendly, cooperation and solidarity. He was so glad that this training course can be the bridge for participants communicating with each other.

   Director Zhao Hongyu introduced the achievements made by WMO RTC Nanjing in the foreign aid training, and the contribution made by Chinese government in the foreign aid aspect. She said that Chinese government actively provides all kinds of aid to other countries within its means, and training is a kind of assistance provided by the Chinese government. As one of China’s foreign assistance training centres, WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing, since its establishment in 1994, hosted many foreign assistance projects and made active contribution to the improvement of qualities and learning of new knowledge and technology for meteorologists in developing countries. WMO conferred a certificate to WMO RTC Nanjing, spoke highly of the contribution made by WMO RTC Nanjing as “an important contribution of the People’s Republic of China to sustainable development and the achievement of the UN Millenium Development Goals”

      Mr. Terence Dalington Mushore from Zimbabwe, the representative of participants, gave a speech, and extended his great appreciation to all experts for teaching them very useful courses. They would encourage their government to cooperate with China, and to increase the efficiency of the early warning system to minimize the losses caused by weather disasters. He hoped that the friendship between us would last forever.
     Executive Deputy Director of the Centre Zheng Youfei briefly summarized the teaching conditions of this training course and study and  living situations of the participants. Besides, many famous experts were invited to give lectures to participants, such as Academician Chen Lianshou, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Head of OCHA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific Oliver Lacey-Hall, and experts from National Meteorology Centre, Shanghai Meteorology Bureau, and Shenzhen Meteorology Bureau.
    Finally, Vice President Guan Zhaoyong and Director Zhao Hongyu awarded all participants the certificates, training CDs and presents. This training course is the 65th international training course of WMO RTC Nanjing.

Director of jiangsu Department of Foreign Economic and Trade Zhao Yuhong made a speech


Vice president Guan Zhaoyong delivered a speech

Group photo