Training Seminar on Application of Meteorological Satellite in Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment was held at NUIST 

     On the morning of Nov.5th, the opening ceremony of “The Training Course on Training Seminar on Application of Meteorological Satellite in Disaster Risk Reduction and Environment ”, sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center, was held at NUIST. Vice President of the University Guan Zhaoyong, Executive Deputy Director of the Center Zheng Youfei and Deputy Director Lei Zhaochong attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Zheng Youfei.

     First, Vice President Guan Zhaoyong made an address and extended a warm welcome to participants from 8 countries. He briefly introduced the development of our university and WMO RTC Nanjing for more than 20 years. He also think highly of the importance of this training course. He said that the weather had been colder and colder, especially for those participants from Africa and tropical areas, but he believed that it would not obstruct their enthusiasm to join this training course. In recent decades, natural disasters and environment problems had made huge bad effect in economy, and meteorological satellites could help to prevent and reduce the losses caused by natural disasters. Therefore, it was very important and necessary to hold this training course.
      Mr. Singh Shalwin from Fiji said that Fiji Meteorology Service paid great attention to the use of the satellite in warning disasters and monitoring droughts, and they would cherish this opportunity to learn more professional knowledge and Chinese culture. On behalf of all participants, he appreciated Chinese Government, WMO RTC Nanjing Centre for organizing this training course.
       It is said that there are 15 participants from 8 different countries joining in this training course. In 21 days, participants will communicate and make discussions about this training course. Academician Xu Jianmin will give a lecture to participants. Besides, all participants will visit China Meteorology Administration.



Vice presendent of NUIST made a speech