Training Seminar on Management of Meteorological Disasters and Emergency Service was held at NUIST 

 On the morning of December 4th, the opening ceremony of Training Seminar on Management of Meteorological Disasters and Emergency Service,which was sponsored by Department of Commerce and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center, was held at  the lecture hall in the Training Building. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Lei Zhaochong, Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center.

Vice President Guan Zhaoyong attended the ceremony and made an address. He pointed out that we were facing the threat of natural disasters. Static showed that 90% of natural disasters, 75% of casualties and 80% of economic losses are related to the meteorology and climate hazards. In 2005, UN held the second World Conference on disaster reduction, and 168 countries and regions discussed and approved the action framework agreement on disaster prevention and reduction, which asked to turn the disaster risk management attention from post-disaster relief and reconstruction mode into paying more attention to the disaster preparation. Therefore, Management of Meteorological Disasters and Emergency Service was playing an important role in preventing and reducing disasters. So the content of this training course would be helpful for all participants to do their professional work.
Mr. Myo Myint Aung from Myanmar, the representative of participants expressed his thanks to Chinese Government, WMO and RTC Nanjing. 
It is said that there are 21participants from 9 different countries joining in this training course. In 21days, they will discuss and communicate with each other about this theme of  Management of Meteorological Disasters and Emergency Service , In addition, they will travel to Shanghai Meteorology Bureau to have a field investigation.



Vice president Guan Zhaoyong made a speech


Representative of participants made a speech


In the conference room