International Training Seminar on Methods of Short-term Climate Prediction was Held at NUIST 

On the morning of April 1st,  the opening ceremony of International Training Seminar on Methods of Short-term Climate Prediction,which was sponsored by China Meteorology Administration and WMO Beijing Climate Centre (National Climate Centre) and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre, was held in the lecture hall in the Training Building. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Zheng Youfei, Executive Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Centre. Professor Niu Shengjie, Vice President of our university, attended the opening ceremony and made an address.

On behalf of Professor Li Lianshui, President of NUIST, Professor Niu Shengjie extended warm welcome and sincere greetings to trainees from different countries. He introduced the development of NUIST , WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing, and the courses. He pointed out the significance of this training course, and said that our daily life and work was related to the short-term climate forecast, and it could be useful and helpful to increase the benefits of prevention and mitigation of disasters. Besides, Professor Niu Shengjie hopes that this training course would be finished successfully and wish participants had a pleasant time in Nanjing.
Mr. Tichaona Zinyemba from Zimbabwe, the representative of participants, made an address. He said that he was glad to have this opportunity to learn the methods of forecasting short-term climate. And he thought the training course would broaden their relative knowledge and promote their professional level. What’s more, he was also happy to visit this beautiful city to know about China and Chinese culture.
It is reported that there are 12 participants from 11 different countries and regions. Despite of learning the basic theories and methods of short-term climate forecasting, participants will go to Beijing to attend the “the 9th Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction” , hosted by WMO Beijing Climate Centre. It will create a platform for Asia participants to learn and exchange from each other, and promote international cooperation between participants’ countries and specialists’ countries.