Seminar on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for Developing Countries was Successfully completed 
      On the afternoon of May 15th, the closing ceremony of “Seminar on Climate Change and Climate Information Service for Developing Countries”, which was sponsored by Department of Commerce and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center, was held in our university. Vice President of the university Niu Shengjie, Ms. Zhao Yuhong from Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province and 18 participants attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Lei Zhaochong, the Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center.
    On behalf of Dr. Li Lianshui, President of NUIST, Dr. Niu Shengjie extended great congratulations to the close of this training course successfully, and thanked the Department of Commerce for their supports and all the participants for the cooperation. He said that the training course worked as a bridge to build friendships with participants from different countries. Besides, we also learned a lot from the participants’ rich working experience and broadened our horizons in international cooperation.
     Director Zhao Yuhong congratulated the accomplishment of this training course. She pointed out that as the biggest developing countries in the world, China was always in the proactive and responsible position to deal with climate change. Foreign aid training is part of foreign aid by Chinese government. Working as the foreign aid training organization, WMO RTC Nanjing had made great contributions to improve the meteorological officers’ quality and promote learning of new knowledge and techniques in Asian and African countries. She hoped that the effects of the foreign aid training could be expanded by each participant.
     Mr. Takroori from Palestine, the representative of the participants, extended his great thanks to Chinese Government, WMO and WMO RTC Nanjing. He said they found that Chinese meteorological departments had high efficiency of work.    He hoped that what they had learned could improve their countries’ working efficiency, and they hope to get more aids from other countries. At last, he thanked warm treatment from all staff in WMO RTC Nanjing.
     Finally, Vice president Niu Shengjie and Director Zhao Yuhong awarded certificates for all participants, and took photos with them. 



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