Seminor on Radar Meteorology for Developing Countries was Successfully Completed at NUIST 

    On the afternoon of June 6th,  closing ceremony of “Seminor on Radar Meteorology for Developing Countries”, which was sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and undertook by WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center, was held at NUIST. Vice President of  the university Guan Zhaoyong, Deputy Director of WMO RTC Nanjing Wang Suchun and Deputy Director of WMO RTC Nanjing Lei Zhaochong, and 14 participants from 11 different countries attended the ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Professor Zheng Youfei, the Executive Deputy Director of WMO Regional Training Center.

   On behalf of Professor Li Lianshui, President of NUIST, and Director of WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center ,Professor Guan Zhaoyong extended thanks to all participants for their supports and cooperation. He hoped that each participant had achievements and expected that they could exchange and cooperate with Chinese meteorological workers. This training course taught participants the latest application of the radar meteorological products. In order for participants have further learning of the radar meteorological service of our country, the Centre also arranged participants to have study tour to Shandong Meteorological Bureau .
     Mr. Tarma from Grenada, the representative of participants, made an address. He extended his great thanks to Ministry of Commerce and WMO Nanjing Regional Training Center for arranging this training course and thanked all staff of RTC Nanjing for their hospital and thoughtful reception. He said that this training course had a reasonable arrangement of lectures and study tour. What they had learned exceeded their expectation. He hoped that he would have another opportunity to learn other courses here.
     Finally, Vice President Guan Zhaoyong and Deputy Director awarded all participants certificates, gave them training CDs and presents and took photos with them. This training course is the 70th international training course undertook by WMO RTC Nanjing.

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