International Training Seminar on Methods for Short-term Climate Prediction


 International Training Seminar on Methods for Short-term Climate Prediction
International Training Seminar on Methods for Short-term Climate Prediction will be organized by the WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC) Nanjing, China, and sponsored by WMO Beijing Climate Centre (BCC) and China Meteorological Administration (CMA).
1.       Objectives
Through the training, the participants will have a good understanding of the primary knowledge and methods of short-term climate prediction.
2.      Dates and Venue
First part: 26 March-2 April 2012, WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC) Nanjing,China;
Second part: 3-7 April 2012, in Beijing, China, to participate in the 8th Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction.
3.      Course Contents
The Training Seminar will consist of two parts. The first part will brief participants with operational and research work of the WMO Beijing Climate Centre, and provide participants with fundamental knowledge on methods for short-term climate prediction, which mainly cover the climate system, radiation processes, characteristics of climate system components, feedbacks in the climate system, global nature of the climate system, regional nature of the climate system, statistics of climatology, the statistical methods for short-term climate prediction including linear regression, nonlinear regression, predictor selection and forecasting with discriminant analysis, climate modeling including basic predictive equations for the atmosphere, vertical coordinate system, basic methods for solving model equations, radiative and cloud processes, surface processes, ocean models, sea ice models, coupled atmosphere, ocean, sea ice simulations, and outlook for future developments in climate modeling. In the second part, all participants will attend the 8th Session of the Forum on Regional Climate Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction, organized by WMO Beijing Climate Centre.
4.      Training Format
Seminars on special topics, practical sessions, discussion, participant’s presentation, etc.
5.      Language of Instruction
The course will be conducted in English.
6.      Targeted Trainees
Meteorologists engaged in operational work or research on climate analysis and prediction from Africa, Asia and South-west Pacific regions.
7Participant’s Qualifications for Admission
Participants are required:
1)      to be specialized in meteorology and with a minimum of one year professional experience;
2)      to be in good physical health with no infectious diseases. Physically fit to fulfill all course activities; candidates with limited physical mobility will not be accepted;
3)      to be proficient in English;
4)      not to bring family members to the training seminar in principle;
5)      to observe all the laws, rules and regulations of People’s Republic of China and respect the Chinese customs during the training period.
8Application and Admission
1) The applicants must be meteorologists who are working in the fields of climatology and relevant and officials concerned from Meteorological and Hydrological Services of developing countries from Africa, Asia, and South-West Pacific regions. The nominated candidates are requested to submit the Application Forms together with evidence of English proficiency to the WMO RTC Nanjing China for examination and endorsement.
2)      Admission Notices will be issued to the accepted participants by e-mail by the RTC Nanjing. With the Admission Notices, the participants are requested to go through all the necessary formalities for entering China and bring all the documents (Admission Notices, Application Forms) to the WMO RTC Nanjing China on the registration date of 25 March 2012.
3)      Only accepted applicants that receive the Admission Notices endorsed by the WMO RTC Nanjing China can participate in the training course.
9. Training Expenses
1)      Tuition fee is free for all the accepted participants that receive the endorsed Admission Notices by the WMO RTC Nanjing China. 
2)      Due to limited funds, the WMO RTC Nanjing China can provide local support such as accommodation, meals, local transportation in Nanjing, and train ticket from Nanjing to Beijing for 20 participants only. Normally one applicant from each developing country or two applicants from each Least Developed Country are endorsed by the WMO RTC Nanjing China for the local support.
3)      Other accepted applicants or their respective governments need to cover their accommodation (50 USD per day per person) and meals (20 USD per day per person) during the training period.
4)      The international travel costs including round trip tickets, transit fares and subsistence allowance during the travel are to be covered by the participants’ employers or other resources. Participants are recommended to buy their air tickets to arrive in Nanjing on 25 March 2012 and depart from Beijing on 8 April 2012.
5)      The expenses of visa, medical care, insurances and domestic salaries for the participants should be borne by the participants’ employers.
10. Insurance
The organizer of the Training Seminar on Methods for Short-term Climate Prediction does not hold any responsibility for such risks as loss of life, accidents, illness, and loss of property incurred during the whole period of participation in the training seminar.
11. Liaison Information
Attn: Mr. Wang Caifang
WMO Nanjing Regional Training Centre
Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210044, P. R. China
Tel: (86 25) 58699917/58731404
Fax: (86 25) 57010085