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Research Overview
Computer science has an international reputation for its innovative research across the broad disciplines of Computer Science and Information Systems, Cybernetics, and Electronic Engineering. The impact of our research is widely covering many cognate areas.
The School works closely with local, regional and global industries and third sector organisations in order to support and strengthen our research agenda.

Research groups
There exist three research groups and two research laboratories as follows:

  • Computing Research Group
  • Information Security Research Group
  • Image Processing Research Group
  • Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory
  • Infrared Multilayer Laboratory

Research themes
All of research activities underpin the School's four priority research themes:
Securityaddresses the causes of security threats, their detection and interventions to prevent damage.
Health Technologiesaddresses all aspects of technology, which can improve the well-being and health of citizens at all stages of their lives.
Energy and Environment (including Space)addresses research into technology towards understanding and conserving our natural resources, the environment, and quality of life.
Digital Societycrosses all of our disciplines with much of our work taking into consideration the influence of what we do in everyday life.

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